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Check out this video for 10 Survival Tricks that can Save Your Life:

Okay, this is just awesome. I’ve heard stories of this done, but haven’t tested it until now.

This really works!

All you need is a Master Pad Lock, a Beer Can, and Practice!

Enjoy the video:  Click here to read more…

We’ve all been there.  Standing out side in the cold waiting for a locksmith to come because someone stupidly locked their keys in the car.

No other time do you wish you had the skills of Jason Bourne to pick the locked door and get the keys.

Now with some practice, you’ll be able to do just that.

For this all you’ll need to is small wooden wedge and a long piece of metal.  Watch the video below for further directions:

If you are abducted and trapped inside the trunk of a car, you can easily escape using one of these 3 methods of escaping the trunk of a car.

But first, if your hands are bound, you’ll need to free your hands. Look at these posts for more information on how to unbound your hands:

How to Escape from Handcuffs in 15 Seconds

How to Escape from Zip Ties

Once your hands are free, now it’s time to escape.  Click here to read more…

If you ever find yourself in a sinking car, use the techniques in this video to save your life and the lives of your passengers.

For those of you who don’t have the time to watch the video this is a quick summary. If your car is sinking in water, due to the pressure you will not be able to open the door.

You will need to break the window. However, once again, due to the pressure, this will be more difficult than you might think.

There are two proven techniques to easily breaking a car window when you are submerged.

Option 1- Lie on your back in your back seat with your two fee resting against the window. Then with all your power, kick the front part of the window with both feet. This is the weakest part of the window.

Option 2- Buy a device specifically designed to easily break a car’s window and keep it in your vehicle for emergencies. One such device is called, Center Punch.

It is rare, but it has happened before.  You leave your hotel with your keycard for just a second and your child locks the chain lock and refuses to unlock it.  You need to get inside that room but you don’t want to kick down the door.

This is how you unlock a hotel room chain lock with just a rubberband:

Getting locked out of your house sucks! Instead of breaking a window which will cost money to replace, try this method of unlocking your garage door from the outside.

The concept is simple enough but will take some time to practice. You get a coat hanger, slide it in from the top of the door, take hold of the emergency latch with the hook, and pull Click here to read more…

If you ever need to break into a small portable electric safe because you forgot the combination, try what is known as the bounce method.

The idea behind this is simple.  Many cheaper electronic safes do not have counterweights for their locks.  What that means is if you drop the safe a short distance while trying to open it when it lands, the door will open.   Click here to read more…

For years I’ve wondered the answer to this question. Finally the question has been answered.

The answer to this question depends on the gun being used. We will answer this question for three popular types of guns: hand guns, long range rifles, and shotguns.

Hand Guns:
Most hand guns like the 9mm will penetrate the water up to 7 feet.

If you are deeper than 8 feet, you probably be safe from someone who is firing at you from outside of the water with a handgun.

Long Range Rifles:
Bullet travel much faster when fired from a high powered rifle than a handgun Click here to read more…

The idea of attaining a second passport legally has always been of interest. The fact of the matter is, you just never know what might happen in the future.

We’ve done the research and read the books on this topic. Books like Emergency, written by Neil Strauss recommend spending 350,000usd to buy property in St. Kitts. Other websites have a few tips and loopholes from other countries that you may want to consider. We’ve combed through all the fluff to break down the most popular ways to attain a 2nd passport.

1- St. Kitts Passport

As described in the book, “Emergency”. If you invest a minimum of 350,000usd in approved real estate in St. Kitts, you can receive citizenship in 6 months. Note, you have to keep your “investment” for a minimum of 5 years to retain your citizenship.

2- Brazilian Passport

For those of you that are not afraid of a lifelong commitment, you can always have a child with a Brazilian woman. This will give you a strong chance of applying and being accepted as a Brazilian citizen.   Click here to read more…