Okay, this is just awesome. I’ve heard stories of this done, but haven’t tested it until now.

This really works!

All you need is a Master Pad Lock, a Beer Can, and Practice!

Enjoy the video:  Click here to read more…

It is rare, but it has happened before.  You leave your hotel with your keycard for just a second and your child locks the chain lock and refuses to unlock it.  You need to get inside that room but you don’t want to kick down the door.

This is how you unlock a hotel room chain lock with just a rubberband:

Getting locked out of your house sucks! Instead of breaking a window which will cost money to replace, try this method of unlocking your garage door from the outside.

The concept is simple enough but will take some time to practice. You get a coat hanger, slide it in from the top of the door, take hold of the emergency latch with the hook, and pull Click here to read more…

If you ever need to break into a small portable electric safe because you forgot the combination, try what is known as the bounce method.

The idea behind this is simple.  Many cheaper electronic safes do not have counterweights for their locks.  What that means is if you drop the safe a short distance while trying to open it when it lands, the door will open.   Click here to read more…