How to Escape from the Truck of a Car

If you are abducted and trapped inside the trunk of a car, you can easily escape using one of these 3 methods of escaping the trunk of a car.

But first, if your hands are bound, you’ll need to free your hands. Look at these posts for more information on how to unbound your hands:

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Once your hands are free, now it’s time to escape. 

Method 1- Emergency Unlock Handle

All cars built after 2002 will have a glow in the dark emergency release handle. Pull this handle and the trunk of the car will open.

Method 2- Trick the Car Truck Open

By the rear hinge of the car truck there will be a fairly thick black cable. Trace it back to as close to the lock as possible. Then simply pull on the cable and this will force the hinge open.  This will act as an emergency release in most cars built before 2002.

Method 3- Force the Lock Open

Feel around and find the lock of the truck. Once you find the lock, locate the lock cylinder next to the lock. Then push and pull on it until it forces the lock to open.

Once trunk is open, be prepared to jump out and run. In a moving vehicle, it may be best to plan your escape when the car stops at a light.

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