How to Evade Pursing Cars – Vehicle Survival 101

When being pursued by another vehicle, unless you are prepared, you have very few options. When you are in a car chase there are only two outcomes that will occur:

1- Your car will be disabled and you will be caught


2- You will escape

Without proper preparation, your chances of escaping will be minimal. Maybe pursuers will get in an accident disabling their vehicle, or maybe your superior driving will loose them.

However if two or more cars are chasing you, superior driving will be a lot less effective.

To increase your chances of success in a car chase, you must first prepare yourself and your vehicle. Then you must take the right action during the chase:

Preparing Yourself and Your Car

How to Protect Your Car

1- Get Run Flat Tires on Your Car
This will protect your car from being disabled. Even if you run over a spike strip, your car will still be able to drive at speeds of 55 mph or more.

2- Better Shocks
If you need to go off road, higher quality shocks will make the difference of getting through it or not

3- Upgrade your Bumper
Replace your cars current bumpers with dual ram bumpers.

4- Heavy Duty Radiator
Replace your current radiator with a new heavy duty radiator which can keep up with the chase.

5- Bullet Proof Windows and Body
If you really want to protect yourself, replace the windows with bullet proof glass. Add Kevlar and steel plates to the cars interior. If you do not have Kevlar on hand, use old phone books and pack them inside the doors. Most bullets will not penetrate a phone book.

The longer you are in the chase, the more likely you will be caught. The first couple of minutes are the most vital. Here is what you do:

1- Disable the Pursuing Vehicle Beforehand
If you know before hand that you are going to be pursued, disable their vehicle. Slash their tires, do the classic potato in the exhaust, or anything you can think of.

2- Flatten Their Tires
Have a bag of “Caltrops” in you car that you can throw out the window. Most cars do not have run flat tires. So if you are able to flatten their tires early on, the chase will be finished quickly.

Throw the Caltrops right after a turn to help disguise them. (Caltrops are sharp items that when thrown, a point always lands up. To flatten a tire, you will need to create your own. Try hammering nails into a small block of wood from all different angles having the point of the nails stick out.)

3- Blind the Pursuing Vehicle
Have a handheld spot light in your car. During a night time chase, you can blind the driver giving you an edge during the chase. (If you can mount the light, even better)

4- Evasive Driving
If you haven’t already, learn evasive driving.

5- Find Cover
If you need to separate yourself from your car, do so in a busy area or parking garage. Leave your car and blend in with the environment.

One note to consider: The longer you run, the more certain you are to get caught. There’s a small window of time after a chase begins before backup arrives, before helicopters are deployed. If you want any chance of getting away, you’d best use this time to find someplace secluded and bail out.

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