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For years I’ve wondered the answer to this question. Finally the question has been answered.

The answer to this question depends on the gun being used. We will answer this question for three popular types of guns: hand guns, long range rifles, and shotguns.

Hand Guns:
Most hand guns like the 9mm will penetrate the water up to 7 feet.

If you are deeper than 8 feet, you probably be safe from someone who is firing at you from outside of the water with a handgun.

Long Range Rifles:
Bullet travel much faster when fired from a high powered rifle than a handgun Click here to read more…

You’ve seen it in the movies or maybe you have encountered it in real life. You are stealthing onto an unknown territory. Everything is going well until you hear the growl, the bark, and the next thing you know an attack dog is running straight for you ready to leap for your throat.

What do you do?

The answer will depend on the situation. With proper preparation, this situation will never come up. However, we have five scenarios with different solutions for dealing with attack dogs:

Example 1: Disable the Dog’s Nose

Have some heavy duty pepper powder or crushed pepper leaves available. Plant a portion of the powder along the dogs search perimeter. Then when the dog comes up, he sniffs it and the pepper will disable the dogs ability to track scent for some time.

Then all you have to do is avoid the dog’s sight and stay silent when the dog is near. Also, if things go wrong and you need to escape, have this powder available so you can plant it along your trail during escape.

Example 2: Drug the Dog

This may be a warning to the handler that something is up. But if there is no way around the dog, disable it with a strong sedative

Plant some food with the sedative along the dog’s path. Make it small enough that the dog can eat it in one bite without notifying the handler that it just ate an unknown subsistence.

Example 3: If the Dog Attacks

If the dog attacks you and there is no one else around, then it is one on one situation.

This is what you do:
1- Always stay on your feet. Never let the dog take you to the ground.

2- Take off your jacket, shirt, or any other type of clothing and wrap it around your left forearm. (If you are left handed, wrap your right arm).

3- Feed your left arm to the dog’s mouth. Don’t let the dog drag you to the ground.

4- As the dog’s mouth is closed on your arm, strike the dog in the eyes and nose. (Or use a knife and stab at the throat.)

5- If you don’t have a knife and if the strikes aren’t working. With your free hand, wrap your fingers around the bottom half of the dogs jaw, and pull down as hard as possible to break the jaw. (This will work better with Dobermans that it will with Pitbulls who lock their jaw making this maneuver nearly impossible.    Click here to read more…

When being pursued by another vehicle, unless you are prepared, you have very few options. When you are in a car chase there are only two outcomes that will occur:

1- Your car will be disabled and you will be caught


2- You will escape

Without proper preparation, your chances of escaping will be minimal. Maybe pursuers will get in an accident disabling their vehicle, or maybe your superior driving will loose them.

However if two or more cars are chasing you, superior driving will be a lot less effective.

To increase your chances of success in a car chase, you must first prepare yourself and your vehicle. Then you must take the right action during the chase:

Preparing Yourself and Your Car

How to Protect Your Car

1- Get Run Flat Tires on Your Car
This will protect your car from being disabled. Even if you run over a spike strip, your car will still be able to drive at speeds of 55 mph or more.

2- Better Shocks
If you need to go off road, higher quality shocks will make the difference of getting through it or not

3- Upgrade your Bumper
Replace your cars current bumpers with dual ram bumpers.

4- Heavy Duty Radiator
Replace your current radiator with a new heavy duty radiator which can keep up with the chase.

5- Bullet Proof Windows and Body
If you really want to protect yourself, replace the windows with bullet proof glass. Add Kevlar and steel plates to the cars interior. If you do not have Kevlar on hand, use old phone books and pack them inside the doors. Most bullets will not penetrate a phone book. Click here to read more…

When faced with a knife attack, you can do one of those fancy spinning roundhouse kicks you see in the movies, but you will find that stuff only works in the movies.

You try that in real life and you will find yourself stabbed or even worse. When faced with a knife attack, reality sets in.

When faced with reality you must act in a realistic manner with the correct mindset. This article with prepare you so you can survive and overcome a knife attack…

Tip 1: Create Distance

For a knife attacker to be of threat, they need to be close. The best thing you can do is create distance from your target or have an obstacle separating you from the attacker. If you are a fast runner, run like the wind. If you are in the street, run around a parked car and keep moving to keep your attacker away from you. If you are in a bar, try to have a table between you two.

This will allow you time to either attain a bigger weapon like a chair or give time for the authorities to arrive.

Tip 2: Accept That You will get Cut

Simple as this, in a knife fight you will be cut. Just like in a fist fight, you must accept you will be hit. You are not only facing reality here, but you are also taking the fear out of being cut which will empower you even more.

You really have no control over this, this is not the movies where one fancy kick will clear the knife and the attacker at once.. However, you do have control on “where” your injuries occur.   Click here to read more…

When someone is holding a gun to you, you have two options:

Take Action or Do not Act

There is a phrase said repeatedly, that your actions are faster than your reactions. By practicing the gun defense techniques below, you will find this to be true. If you are in the “correct” situation where you need to act in order to disarm someone holding a gun to you, your action will be quicker than his reaction.

Golden Rule: Do not act if you do not absolutely need to

When there is a gun involved, nothing is certain. Regardless of your training, speed, or ability, acting to disarm your opponent is very risky.

What this means is, only move to disarm your opponent if you have to. If he has a gun to your head and his breathing is steady, and the gun is not quivering. Then you should be very worried that you may not make it out alive…

Step One: Get the Gun as close to you as possible

Experienced officers and military personnel know that when you are holding a gun to a person, to be a few yards away from your target. If the bad man lunges for the gun, this will leave enough time to act.

Since distance is deadly, you need the gunman as close to you as possible.

Step Two: Use a Slight Distraction

If you are being robbed, there is a good chance the gunman will want your phone and wallet. When grabbing for your wallet, make sure you tell the gunman what you are doing in a slow and calm manner. Do not give the gunman any indicator or reason to pull the trigger. You are simply reaching for your wallet and very carefully, you will hand it to him.

Act a little scared, put your wallet in your hand and hold it out to him. As he reaches for it, let it drop to the ground.

This is your time to act…   Click here to read more…