How to Legally Get a Second Passport – 5 Proven Ways

The idea of attaining a second passport legally has always been of interest. The fact of the matter is, you just never know what might happen in the future.

We’ve done the research and read the books on this topic. Books like Emergency, written by Neil Strauss recommend spending 350,000usd to buy property in St. Kitts. Other websites have a few tips and loopholes from other countries that you may want to consider. We’ve combed through all the fluff to break down the most popular ways to attain a 2nd passport.

1- St. Kitts Passport

As described in the book, “Emergency”. If you invest a minimum of 350,000usd in approved real estate in St. Kitts, you can receive citizenship in 6 months. Note, you have to keep your “investment” for a minimum of 5 years to retain your citizenship.

2- Brazilian Passport

For those of you that are not afraid of a lifelong commitment, you can always have a child with a Brazilian woman. This will give you a strong chance of applying and being accepted as a Brazilian citizen.  

3- Israeli Passport

Ever feel the call of Judaism? Move to Israel for 90 days, convert to Judaism, serve in their military, and you can attain citizenship from Israel.

4- Greek or Irish Passport

Have a parent or grandparent who are or were a citizen from either of these countries? If so, you can apply for citizenship.

5- Panamanian Passport

Many Americas like to retire to Panama. However, what if you want to become a citizen? You will be waiting a minimum 5 years and will have to invest at least 100,000 in a Panama business.

The laws in the United States has made in increasing difficult to attain a 2nd passport, especially if tax evasion is a priority. However, with enough commitment and money, you can attain that second passport. Of course, you can go the illegal route and get a fake done just about anywhere.

(Note: We are only briefly touching on these options. If you find one that interests you, independent research is always required.)

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Panama Second passport February 20, 2013 at 10:01 am

Excellent Article! If there are no laws, run way. If you are told about a special program, not for everyone, run.Panama is an excellent country for a second passport.