What is an Urban Ninja?

An Urban Ninja is simply this, a modern Ninja.

If you were to image an Urban Ninja, a few pictures may enter your mind:

  • Jason Bourne
  • La Parkour
  • Martial Artists
  • James Bond
  • Special Forces
  • Escape Artists
  • Pick Up Artists
  • and much more….

This is how we define what a true Urban Ninja is and we have dedicated our website, our time, and our lives to this. We will share with you secrets, techniques and stories from those who have studied this art for many years.

The fact of the matter is, it’s more important now than ever before to have these skills. Whether you are traveling abroad or in your own neighborhood, the chances of being attacked, robbed, kidnapped, or even worst is the same for everyone.

Most martial arts are not designed to arm you with real survival techniques. Do you know how to defeat 10 attackers, escape handcuffs, or enter an area without being noticed?  

We do, and we will share all this information with you and more.

This website is a free information source for any who are interested. If you have something to add, feel free to post your comments or questions. We will try to answer as many as we can.

Thank you for visiting,
-Urban Ninja Blog

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