Welcome to the Urban Ninja Blog

This is a new world where relying on law enforcement agencies to protect you is foolish!

This is the real world which we all live in:

  • Planes have been hijacked by terrorists with simple knives, and then flown into buildings killing thousands.
  • Tour buses in Asia have been taken over by a disgruntled employee who killed many during the police take down.
  • Countries in the Middle East have extremist groups dedicated to destroy western civilization and all those associated with it.
  • Major cities have been overrun with the war on drugs that end with killing anyone in their way.
  • Guns and knives are available to anyone seeking them.

Police, law enforcement, and politicians have proven time and time again that they are unable to guarantee our personal safety.

If you desire it, it is your right to learn how to protect yourself. To make it simple, we call those who have learned to protect themselves, the Urban Ninja. The authors of UrbanNinjaBlog.com have dedicated years to learning the secrets, techniques, and survival methods of the modern Urban Ninja.

We have developed a free resource online resource and collected information we found helpful in our training.

Things you will learn

  • Learn to Become the Real Jason Bourne (Yes, we know he is fictional, but his skills are not)
  • Disarm a Gunman
  • Survive a Knife Fight
  • Lock Picking
  • Escape from Handcuffs with a Bobby Pin
  • Memory Techniques – Never Forget Anything Again
  • Social Dynamics – Make the World Work For You
  • And much more…
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