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Ever wondered how magicians or the Jason Bourne types can escape from handcuffs at will?

As you will soon find out, escaping from handcuffs is a lot easier than you think. All it takes is 20 minutes to learn the specific technique and a little practice. Read the article and follow the directions in the video below.

Note: We are not going to cop out by telling you to hide a key in your pants or behind your ear. The chances are that when you actually need this technique to escape from handcuffs, you won’t have a key anywhere near.

What you will need:

  • 1 set of police grade handcuffs
  • Package of bobby pins
  • This article

7 Steps to Pick a Handcuff Lock:

1- Get a regular bobby pin. On one end you’ll notice there is a plastic tip. Pull away the plastic, this is the end you will be using. (If you are unable to pull away the plastic covering, simply bite it off)

2- Put the tip in the bottom part of the lock and bend it down. This will create an “L” shape on the end of the pin.

3- Take it out the bobby pin, turn it around, and bend it the other way. The pin will resemble a “Z” (This will create the leverage for prying open the jaw)

4- Place the bobby pin in the keyhole. You want the tip to be turned towards the main part of the lock pointing at the direction of 10 o’clock.

5- Take the bobby pin and bend it down. This will release the latch that will open the jaw of the handcuff.   Click here to read more…

Escapology is the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps. Escapologists (also called escape artists) escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, cages, coffins, steel boxes, barrels, bags, burning buildings, fish-tanks and other perils, often in combination.

Although the art of escapology is typically associated with magicians and escape artists, this is a vital art for all Urban Ninjas.

Ever wanted to learn how to escape from handcuffs, ropes, or even pick a lock? Then this is the art for you and all Urban Ninjas.   Click here to read more…

Whenever people think of Ninja’s primary weapon, they usually picture throwing stars, the straight sword, or many other Ninja weapons made popular by movies. However, the most powerful weapon of the Ninja is their ability stealth. This single weapon creates the fear of the “unexpected” which is far more powerful than any one sword or star could ever be.

The success of the ninja is their ability to stealth and blend in with their environments. The fear of their opponents is due to the fact that they could never know when or where the Ninja would appear from. This gives the Ninja a distinct advantage over their opponents.

If you want to learn how to move and stealth walk like a ninja, you will first have to practice self control and patience. The true path of the ninja is discipline. Here are some tips to help with your stealth walk:

– Pay special attention to your breathing patterns. Your breath should be steady and shouldn’t produce anymore sound than is necessary.

– Practice, practice, and practice some more. The way is in your training. Make sure every step is taken in a controlled manner where you gently lower your foot to the ground. With the correct movement and patience, you can step and break a stick with noticeable noise.   Click here to read more…

When faced with a knife attack, you can do one of those fancy spinning roundhouse kicks you see in the movies, but you will find that stuff only works in the movies.

You try that in real life and you will find yourself stabbed or even worse. When faced with a knife attack, reality sets in.

When faced with reality you must act in a realistic manner with the correct mindset. This article with prepare you so you can survive and overcome a knife attack…

Tip 1: Create Distance

For a knife attacker to be of threat, they need to be close. The best thing you can do is create distance from your target or have an obstacle separating you from the attacker. If you are a fast runner, run like the wind. If you are in the street, run around a parked car and keep moving to keep your attacker away from you. If you are in a bar, try to have a table between you two.

This will allow you time to either attain a bigger weapon like a chair or give time for the authorities to arrive.

Tip 2: Accept That You will get Cut

Simple as this, in a knife fight you will be cut. Just like in a fist fight, you must accept you will be hit. You are not only facing reality here, but you are also taking the fear out of being cut which will empower you even more.

You really have no control over this, this is not the movies where one fancy kick will clear the knife and the attacker at once.. However, you do have control on “where” your injuries occur.   Click here to read more…

When someone is holding a gun to you, you have two options:

Take Action or Do not Act

There is a phrase said repeatedly, that your actions are faster than your reactions. By practicing the gun defense techniques below, you will find this to be true. If you are in the “correct” situation where you need to act in order to disarm someone holding a gun to you, your action will be quicker than his reaction.

Golden Rule: Do not act if you do not absolutely need to

When there is a gun involved, nothing is certain. Regardless of your training, speed, or ability, acting to disarm your opponent is very risky.

What this means is, only move to disarm your opponent if you have to. If he has a gun to your head and his breathing is steady, and the gun is not quivering. Then you should be very worried that you may not make it out alive…

Step One: Get the Gun as close to you as possible

Experienced officers and military personnel know that when you are holding a gun to a person, to be a few yards away from your target. If the bad man lunges for the gun, this will leave enough time to act.

Since distance is deadly, you need the gunman as close to you as possible.

Step Two: Use a Slight Distraction

If you are being robbed, there is a good chance the gunman will want your phone and wallet. When grabbing for your wallet, make sure you tell the gunman what you are doing in a slow and calm manner. Do not give the gunman any indicator or reason to pull the trigger. You are simply reaching for your wallet and very carefully, you will hand it to him.

Act a little scared, put your wallet in your hand and hold it out to him. As he reaches for it, let it drop to the ground.

This is your time to act…   Click here to read more…

An Urban Ninja is simply this, a modern Ninja.

If you were to image an Urban Ninja, a few pictures may enter your mind:

  • Jason Bourne
  • La Parkour
  • Martial Artists
  • James Bond
  • Special Forces
  • Escape Artists
  • Pick Up Artists
  • and much more….

This is how we define what a true Urban Ninja is and we have dedicated our website, our time, and our lives to this. We will share with you secrets, techniques and stories from those who have studied this art for many years.

The fact of the matter is, it’s more important now than ever before to have these skills. Whether you are traveling abroad or in your own neighborhood, the chances of being attacked, robbed, kidnapped, or even worst is the same for everyone.

Most martial arts are not designed to arm you with real survival techniques. Do you know how to defeat 10 attackers, escape handcuffs, or enter an area without being noticed?   Click here to read more…

Spy Tips on Cover ID, Freon, Hostage Situations, and more

Choosing a cover ID on the fly is always a challenge. When there’s no time to think, it’s best to go with something simple that keeps your options open.

Freon is available at most computer stores. Buy a can of screen duster, turn it upside down, and you’ve got it in liquid form. It’s cold enough to crystallize the metal in many commercial locks. A hammer can take care of the rest.

One advantage of working with the same team, is that secure communication is simpler. You don’t have to work out a secret code. If you have enough history, the code is in every picture, every memento, every autographed leg cast.   Click here to read more…

Spy Tips on Bugging Cell Phones, Good Traps, Codes, and more

Double blackmail’s a classic. It’s as old as the pyramids, y’know. You pose as a fellow target of your own blackmail scheme. That way, you’ll always know what the victims are up to. Pros use it all the time.

If you want to bug a cell phone wirelessly, you’ll need a lot of specialized scanning equipment, and a computer to deal with the encryption. I prefer a hands-on approach. You just bug a duplicate phone and swap out the SIM card, so the new phone has the same number. Your target will talk all day, certain that no one could possibly be listening.

Having a gun to your head is all about timing, finding the right moment to make your move. Best to snap the trigger finger first. After that, it’s mostly downhill.   Click here to read more…

Spy Tips on Fake Identities, Assassinations, and more

A fake identity is known in the spy trade as a false flag. Used to be you could make your own documents with a printer and a laminator. These days, though, ID’s have magnetic strips, holograms and infrared watermarks. You need a pro.

In some situations, a tactical retreat is your best option. A guy with a gun is a guy with a gun. You can fight him and risk someone getting shot or wait for backup.

Corporations need spies just like governments do. Of course, they’re not called spies. They’re called security consultants. They’re basically mercenaries with nice suits.   Click here to read more…

Spy Tips on Bureaucrats, Dealing with Kidnappers, and more

Work around spies for a while, and you learn to be careful when it looks like you’re getting what you want. That’s when you tend to let your guard down, get careless. Calling the cops on someone can teach you a lot. A foreign agent would run. So might an armed assassin. A bureaucrat’s going to… act like a bureaucrat.

Bureaucrats live for respect. East of the Balkans, that means a bribe. In the West, it’s more about showing you know they’re in charge.

About forty percent of kidnapping victims are released safely. These statistics are affected by a number of factors, including the nationality of the kidnappers, the age of the victim, and whether a hostage negotiator is employed. The odds go down sharply if no one has any money to pay the ransom.   Click here to read more…