How to Turn Your Credit Card into a Knife – 5 Easy Steps

What you will need:

  • Credit Card
  • Men’s Single Edge Razor
  • Super Glue
  • Scotch Tape

5 Easy Steps:

1- Get a credit card

2- Get a classic men’s single-edge shaver razor

3- Break the plastic and remove the metal razor blade.  

4- Get some Super Glue. Glue the blade to the corner of the credit cart at an angle (See Photo)

5- Tape the bottom part of the blade to the credit card.

You now have a hidden knife in your wallet. Be sure to place the credit card in your wallet so it does not cut yourself when grabbing for it.

The small blade can pass most metal detectors. This isn’t meant to be so much of a defensive weapon, but can be used to cut through ropes and other such applications.

Although you may not want to do this with all your credit cards, it is meant to open your mind to different possibilities to hide blades where most people won’t expect.

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