How to Escape from Zip Ties – The Break Method [Video]

Since our previous articles was published, How to Escape from Handcuffs in 15 Seconds we have received a lot of question regarding zip ties.

How can you break free from zip ties in 15 seconds? Is it even possible? If so, how is this done?

The answer is very simple, yes it can be done.

The video below will explain how to break free from zip lines if you are restrained by them.

Note: If you want to practice this method at home, you’ll need two items:

1- Heavy Duty Zip Ties
Can be found at Home Depot or your local hardware store. Get the strongest ones available. It’s better to practice with the more difficult zip ties to better prepare you for the future.

2- Duct Tape
Wrap each wrist with duck tape before you practice. This will save you from some very bruised wrists.

Sit back and enjoy this video. It is just under two minutes:   

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