Burn Notice Season 2 Episode 7 Spy Tips – Michael Weston Advice

Spy Tips on Gas Tank Explosions, Gun Powder, and more

If you’re driving a sports coupe, your not going to be able to lose an off-road vehicle off road. Your best bet is to get them on the road, where you have the advantage. It’s less about speed than it is about maneuverability. You need to put yourself in a position where you can do something that they can’t.

For certain kinds of criminals, partying hard serves and important management function. You can keep your eye on your employees during the off hours and keep them spending money, so they’re hungry for the next score.

Bar fights aren’t just a great way to blow of steam. They’re a great way to showcase your leadership skills and they’re a team building exercise. There’s also no better way for someone new to get noticed.  

Dealing with an aggressive adversary isn’t always about showing strength. Sometimes it’s best to show weakness. If they believe they can dominate you, they’ll drop their guard. Of course that means getting dominated.

When you need to distract someone without raising suspicions, it helps to play to preconceptions. Tourists are fat, old people are cranky, and girls can’t drive.

Counterfeiting pharmaceuticals is pretty straightforward. Fill some vials with your choice of beverage. The trick is to keep people from looking closer with some compressed gas from your local farming-supply store and a few cryogenic containers, you can convince people that if they get a little too curious, they could lose a finger to frostbite.

Dealing with a trained operative is like playing chess with a master. Dealing with criminals on the other hand is like playing checkers with a 3 year old. They like to change the rules.

Using a zodiac to catch a yacht has certain advantages. It’s low to the water, so it’s hard to see coming. It tops out at a brisk 60 miles per hour and it’s designed to turn on a dime. Of course, the one disadvantage is, it can make for a bumpy ride.

Navy seals are trained to hold their breath for three to five minutes underwater. If you’re an ex navy seal, you probably still have the chops, but there’s only one way to find out.

Need the police to respond right away, call ahead. If you’ve reported a few minor crimes within a six month block radius, you can be sure someone will show up when you need them.

Most people think that shooting the gas tank of a vehicle makes it explode. Unless the car is on fire, you’ll just spill a few bucks worth of gas. An explosion requires something extra, like a few bags of acetone peroxide taped to the gas tank.

Anyone who played soccer knows there’s a long nerve that runs down the shin. Hit that nerve and people lock up in pain.

Arms dealers keep gunpowder handy to manufacture custom made rounds. But gunpowder doesn’t need to be in a bullet to be dangerous. Even muzzle flare can set it off. So when dispersed through a room, anyone with half a brain puts his gun away.

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