How to Survive a Knife Attack

When faced with a knife attack, you can do one of those fancy spinning roundhouse kicks you see in the movies, but you will find that stuff only works in the movies.

You try that in real life and you will find yourself stabbed or even worse. When faced with a knife attack, reality sets in.

When faced with reality you must act in a realistic manner with the correct mindset. This article with prepare you so you can survive and overcome a knife attack…

Tip 1: Create Distance

For a knife attacker to be of threat, they need to be close. The best thing you can do is create distance from your target or have an obstacle separating you from the attacker. If you are a fast runner, run like the wind. If you are in the street, run around a parked car and keep moving to keep your attacker away from you. If you are in a bar, try to have a table between you two.

This will allow you time to either attain a bigger weapon like a chair or give time for the authorities to arrive.

Tip 2: Accept That You will get Cut

Simple as this, in a knife fight you will be cut. Just like in a fist fight, you must accept you will be hit. You are not only facing reality here, but you are also taking the fear out of being cut which will empower you even more.

You really have no control over this, this is not the movies where one fancy kick will clear the knife and the attacker at once.. However, you do have control on “where” your injuries occur.  

Tip 3: Protect Your Vital Organs and Major Arteries

You do you not want to be injured anywhere near a vital organ or have any damage to your major arteries. To prepare yourself for this, when you’re faced with a knife attack, turn your arms inwards exposing the backsides of your arms to your attacker. This will protect the insides of your wrists by keeping them facing your body.

Turn your body and have your left shoulder facing your attacker. This will protect your body. Be sure to lift your left shoulder to protect your neck from being stabbed.

Tip 4: Turn Your Feet Inwards

With your feet, you want to create a “T” form with some distance between them. This will protect the vital arteries located on the insides of your thighs. If you have your left shoulder forward, have your left foot form the top part of the “T”

Tip 5: Strike Low and Fast

If your attacker is coming at you and there is nowhere to run, you must strike low and fast. With your lead foot, kick at his knee as quickly as possible while protecting your body from a stab. Use quick feet and quick punches to let the knife man know if he attacks, he will be hurt as well. Also, use such action to keep the attacker at a distance.

A couple of years ago I witnessed an attack where one knifeman attached an unarmed man. The fight did not go well for the unarmed man. Instead of following that above five tips, he rushed the knife man. Before my friends and I could get to the fight, the unarmed man was on the ground with four knife holes in his neck and body while the knifeman ran away.

If you come face to face with such a situation, follow these tips and you will be far better off than this unprepared poor soul was.

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