Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 2 Spy Tips – Michael Weston Advice

Spy Tips on Pursing, Covert Security, Civilians, and more…

When you’re pursuing someone, it’s tempting to focus exclusively on overtaking the other person. It’s often better to force the person you’re chasing to go faster than the terrain allows and wait for them to make a mistake. But even when a chase ends, you can never assume the other person will give up without a fight.

Intelligence agencies spend more money protecting secrets than stealing them. But no digital encryption or biometrically locked vaults can keep sensitive information from spilling out of an indiscreet asset’s mouth, which is why one of the most common duties for a spy is babysitting.

Covert security is all about making friends. You have to give yourself a plausible reason to be near your target. Some of the most important secrets in the world have been protected by a guy with a few stories and a drink in his hand.

Controlling an unruly asset is tough, especially when women and alcohol are combined, which is why, as a general rule, you don’t even try to control the hunter, you just scare off the prey.  

Interrogating a captive isn’t just about what you know about them. It’s about what they know about you. If they think you’re cops, they’ll behave one way. If they think you’re rivals, they’ll behave another way. It’s a choice you only get to make once, so you have to do your homework and get it right the first time.

Using civilians in undercover operations is all about emotional manipulation, so it’s your job to help them be who they need to be, feel what they need to feel, by any means necessary.

When you can’t keep an asset away from his favorite vice, it’s often better to supply him with a safe target, which is one reason why female operatives are trained in how to keep men interested while fending them off like Aikido Masters.

A necessary evil that goes along with being a spy is maintaining friendships with all sorts of unsavory people, like drug dealers, for example.

The work of a spy doesn’t always involve undermining people. Oftentimes, the solution to a problem is simply convincing someone to behave like a better human being, but it may take more than a stern lecture.

The most advanced directional microphones can capture human speech at distances of 200 meters. So long as you have a clear line of sight on your target, there’s nothing better for eavesdropping on a private conversation.

When tailing someone dangerous, it’s a good idea to give yourself an innocent-sounding reason to be following your target. Most of the time, you won’t need it, but if it turns out your target is on to you. You’ll really need it.

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