5 Easy Tips on Getting Through High Security Areas

Now more than ever during night stealth exercises, you will come across security cameras and other surveillance equipment. Follow these 5 quick tips and learn how to stealth by unseen.

Tip 1- Sneak Pass Security Cameras

Shine a light of 130 or more Lumens into the camera lens which will blind the lens. Sneak by, then remove the light from the lens.

Tip 2 – Sneak Pass Security Cameras Part 2

Cover the lens with spray paint or shoot at the lens with a paintball gun.

Tip 3 – Motion Sensor

Every wonder how to get pass a motion sensor light? Use patience. You must move very slowly through the area covered. When we say very slowly, we mean slowly. No sudden movements. It will take you nearly 10 minutes to pass through 10 meters of area covered by motion sensor lights.

Tip 4 – Barbed Wire Fence

Put thick material over the part of the fence you will climb over. A car mat, piece of cardboard, or a thick jacket will do. Climb over, then remove the mat. Store the mat in a safe place till you need to escape.

Tip 5 – Wired Fence

Cut through the fence with heavy duty wire cutters. Then tie the broken fence with cord to give the appearance than it was not tampered with.

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