Can you live like a King on a Tropical Island and Train in Martial Arts for $1,000 a month?

On one of our recent trips to Asia for Ninjitsu training (more on that in later posts), we found ourselves meeting many foreigners who are living in Asia for $1,000 – $2,000 a month.

They are living life very well. They are living near the beach, eating out most nights and enjoying nightlife like rock stars.

So I started asking the questions, “Can you really live on a tropical island in Asia and have our western comforts for $1,000 a month? If so, how is this possible?”

To answer this, I going to be turning the rest of this post over to one of the men behind:

This website is ran by men from America, England, and Sweden who live in Thailand. And when we talk about living in Thailand, we mean “living”. They experience Thailand like a king.

Note: The website is not for everyone. It focuses on Travel, Adventure, Lifestyle, and women in Thailand. If you are offended by topic such as drinking, sex, and partying – don’t visit the website. But the following post is appropriate for all audiences.

And now we hand it over to the Gods of Thailand….

“Is it possible to live like a rock star on a tropical island in Thailand for only $1,000 a month?”

It’s not only possible, but I’ve done it for over a year and I know many who have lived here for more than 10 years earning under $1,000 a month.

How is this possible? First let me give you some background information on how I moved from America to Thailand making less than $900 a month.

It was 2008. The American economy was in ruins, unemployment was skyrocketing, and my sales job was going down the toilet. I was making 20% of what I was making the year before and things were getting worse. I was working 60 hours a week making less and less each month.

I knew something had to change. My only saving grace is I had a small internet website that sold sporting equipment which was making me about $800 in profits a month.

On one particular payday in 2008, I look down at my paycheck. I made three dollars an hour for this pay period…

I had enough!

I quit my job. I sold my car. I moved all my belongings into storage.

I bought a ticket to Thailand where I always dreamed of training in Muay Thai from the country where it all started.

I boarded a plane one month after I quit my job. It’s been three years since then, and I’ve never looked back with regret.

Now I live in Thailand. I stay in a nice apartment near the beach. I go swimming in the warm ocean three times a week. I get an hour massage on the beach for eight dollars. I eat at 4 star restaurants whenever I want. And I have my choice of beautiful women.

I do all this for $1,500 a month. (Most do it for less, I just happen to enjoy eating out more than most.)  

My story is more dramatic than it has to be, however with enough planning, paradise can be yours.

How is this possible? Actually, it’s quite easy.

The 5 Steps to Living in Paradise:

1- Eliminate All Financial Drains
Car payment, mortgages, rent, and all other stupid bills need to go. You need to create a freedom from contracts. Move into a family member’s house for a month, or rent a room from Craigslist on a month by month basis. Sell your car. Even if it’s at a loss, still get rid of it. If you need a car before you go, rent a car. You can rent a nice car for 120 dollars a week anywhere in America. A car payment back home will do you no good when you’re living in paradise.

2- Create a Targeted Monthly Income
How much do you need to make each month while living overseas? A good round number is $1,000. Add to the number whatever bills you can’t get rid of. Like credit card payments, health insurance, etc…

3- Make Money From Your Laptop
Create what I call, “Laptop Money.” It really isn’t that hard to make $1,000 a month from your laptop.

Three Proven Money Making Ideas:

  • Start a dropship business (read “The 4 Hour Work Week” for ideas and insights)
  • Become a freelance writer. If you have an “okay” grasp of the English language, you can make money writing articles and ebooks. It’s ridiculously easy. Start a provider account on and start bidding on jobs. You can easily make 500 – 1,000 dollars a month by working a couple hours a day.
  • Teach yourself a skill. I’m not a web designer, but I’ve made thousands of dollars building websites. How do I do this? With an easy website creator called Weebly ( With Weebly you can learn to create professional websites in under an hour. Where do you find clients? Start with:, Vworker, Craigslist, and word of mouth.

For those of you who don’t mind working away from the computer, try teaching English. You can become a certified English teacher in most Asian countries for $1,000 dollars and easily make between 800 – 1,500 dollars each month teaching English part time.

4- Get Ready To Go
* Buy Your Plane Ticket
You can get to most places in Asia for under $1,000. A few good places to start your new life: Koh Samui Thailand, Bali, or one of the many islands in the Philippines.

* Find Your New Home
This is the scary part. You can either find an apartment online before you go, or wing it. Any apartment you find in Asia online will be over priced. It is best to come to your destination first, rent a room in a hotel / hostel for one week, then apartment hunt by asking around. You will easily find a place.

Or instead of renting a hotel for a week, join a surf camp or a scuba diving school for that week. You will usually get free housing with the program and you’ll meet a lot of people willing to help in the search for your new home.

5- Learn to Enjoy Life Again
Strangely this is the toughest part, learning to enjoy life where you don’t need to show up every day to a job you hate. Learn a new language, learn a martial art, start hiking, start partying at night, just do whatever you enjoy.

Is this simplified? Yes, but that is how life is. Some of the best things in life are simple to do…just a little scary at first.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Some of you may be thinking, that sounds great, but how can you really live on $1,000 a month in Asia?

Here’s break down of a normal monthly budget for 2010 in Thailand. These are not unique. Start looking at Asian travel forums and you’ll find very similar numbers:

$300 – 1 Bedroom Apartment with air conditioning (Includes internet)
$50 – Utilities (Water + Electric)
$100 – Transportation / Moped rental
$300 – Food Budget
$200 – Drinking and Partying Budget

Total: $950

For those of you with children, this will be more difficult and more expensive. However, thousands of families have already done this with children and other attachments.

Can you live like a King in Asia on a tropical island for $1,000 a month? Yes.

For those of you interested in learning more about this, visit our website: Gods of Thailand

See you in paradise!

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